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Giorgio Graffi
From Aristotle to Chomsky.
Essays in the History of Linguistics

Edited by Paola Cotticelli-Kurras

Juni 2021, 190 S., div. Abb. & Tabellen, EUR 43,00 • ISBN • 978-3-89323-023-5

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Presentation (Paola Cotticelli-Kurras)


1. ‘Ingenuous’ and ‘theoretical’ concepts in syntax

2. A note on ῥῆμα and λόγος in Aristotle

3. Subiectum and Praedicatum from classical antiquity to Port-Royal

4. The translation of λóγος in chap. 20 of Aristotle’s Poetics

5. ‘Transitivity’ — the (partially) classical roots of a problematic concept

6. The immediate constituents analysis before Bloomfield

7. The asterisk from historical to descriptive and theoretical linguistics. A historical note

8. The treatment of syntax by some early 19th century linguists. New insights and continuity of General Grammar

9. Old debates and current problems. Völkerpsychologie and the question of the individual and the social in language


Index of names

Index of subjects and terms

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