INFO Smelik/Hofmann/Hamans/Cram (Eds.): 3-89323-084-X
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— I. The Personal and Professional Career of Anders Ahlqvist
Jacob Ahlqvist: A Short Detective Story (pp. 11-12) // William Gillies: Anders Ahlqvist: Scholar, Gentleman and Teacher (pp. 13-17) // A Bibliography of the Publications of Anders Ahlqvist (pp. 18-25)
— II. Contributions on Celtic Philology
Patrick Sims-Williams: The Importance of Being Patrick (pp. 26-35) // Pierre-Yves Lambert: Notes sur quelques gloses à Priscien (pp. 36-48) // Paul Russell: Quasi: Bridging the Etymological Gap in Early Irish Glossaries" (pp. 49-62) // Rijcklof Hofman, Bernadette Smelik: An Unnoticed Copy of the Auraicept n-Éces in MS TCD H.2.17 (pp. 83-65) // William Gillies: A Seventeenth-century Linguistic and Metrical Tract (pp. 66-79) // Tomás Ó Cathasaigh: Sírrabad Súaltaim and the Order of Speaking among the Ulaid (pp. 80-91) // Peter Schrijver: The roscada of Táin Cúailnge Recension I, 2428-2454 (pp. 92-116) // Donncha Ó hAodha: A Note on the Metre of Félire Uí Gormáin (pp. 117-120) // Josph Falaky Nagy: Not the Practice of Games (pp. 121-126)
— III. Contributions on Celtic Linguistics
Stefan Zimmer: The Celtic Mutations: Some Typological Comparisons (pp. 127-140) // Liam Breatnach: Miscellanea Hibernica (pp. 141-151) // Geraóid Mac Eoin: The Suffix -aire in Irish Personal Names (pp. 152-156) // Mícheál Ó Flaithearta: Old Irish mélae 'shame' and an Observation on Contemporary Lengthening in Irish (pp. 157-160) // Thomas M. Charles-Edwards: Middle Welsh mae 'is' (pp. 161-170) // Erich Poppe: Lexicalization of Transitive 'to have' in Breton and Cornish (pp. 171-184)
— IV. Contributions on History of Linguistics
Pieter A. M. Seuren: The Origin of Grammatical Theory (pp. 185-196) // Anneli Luhtala: A Perfect Grammarian (pp. 197-201) // Bernard Colombat: Vision de la langue et comparaison des langues dans le Mithridate de Conrad Gesner (pp. 202-218) // David Cram: On Wild Etymology and Descriptive Profligacy: A Contrastive Case Study (pp. 219-230) // Sylvie Archaimbault: Le grammairien, un passeur de cultures (pp. 231-244) // Fred Karlsson: Matthias Akiander (1802-1871): An Early Finnish Phonetician (pp. 245-249) // Marijke van der Wal: From Irish Sheep Boy to Toddler Keesje (pp. 251-262)
— V. Contributions on Linguistics, Historically Ordered
Paavo Castrén: Changes of Style in the Late Antique Forms of Address (pp. 263-268) // John Charles Smith: Some Refunctionalizations of the Nominative-Accusative Opposition between Latin and Gallo-Romance (pp. 269-285) // Dieter Kastovsky: The 'Invisible Hand', Drifts, and Typological Shifts. Examples from English (pp. 286-295) // Wieslaw Awedyk, Jacek Fisiak, Camiel Hamans: Do Loanwords Have Sex? (pp. 297-309) // Ranko Bugarski: One, Two, Three, Four: It's Serbo-Croatian that Counts (pp. 310-323)

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