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Introduction – 1. Perspectives on Linguistic Models: William Croft: ‘Markedness’ and ‘Universals’: From the Prague School to Typology / Francis P. Dinneen: The So-Seem-Said of Language Study / Barbara Kryk-Kastovsky: Modern Approaches to Deixis / Kennth L. Pike: Linguistic ‘Venn Diagrams’ with Their ‘Formative Blocks’ in Morphology, Semantics, and Historical Reconstruction – 2. Perspectives on Seventeenth-Century Language: Jan De Clercq: La réception de la linguistique française dans les journaux savants a la fin du XVIIe siècle / Jana Prívratská: Panglottia – Comenius’ Model for Language Unification – 3. Perspectives on Eighteenth-Century Language: Roger W. Shuy: Perspectives on Language History in Eighteenth-Century England – 4. Perspectives on Nineteenth-Century Language: Katherine Arens: On Rereading Hermann Paul’s “Prinzipien der Sprachgeschichte” / Kurt R. Jankowsky: Wilhelm Wackernagel (1806-1869). A Philologist in Need of Being Rediscovered / Peter Schmitter: The Phenomenon of the ‘Unnamed Garden’ – or: On the Roots of Humboldt’s Comparative Method / Joanna Radwanska-Williams: Mikolaj Kruszewski’s Semiotics – 5. Regional Perspectives on Twentieth Century Language: Maria Cristina F. S. Altman: Linguistic Research in Brazil (1968-88) / Leslie K. Arnovick: The Sociological Origins of Promissory Expansion – or: The Linguist as Cultural Historian: A Case Study in Postmodern Interdisciplinarity / José del Valle: Modern Linguistics in Ramón Menéndez Pidal / Robert D. Greenberg: Serbo-Croatian Dialect Studies: Changing Perspectives in the Context of Increased Yugoslav Disunity (1966-90) / Julius Nyikos: Testing Saussure’s Principle I / John J. Staczek: Polish Dialectology and Sociolinguistics since 1915: Retrospective and Prospective – 6. Form Perspectives on Language: Dieter Kastovsky: The Place of Word-Formation in Grammar: A Historical Survey / Ned Reif: The Book to End All Books / Solomon I. Sara: Umlauting in Sibawayh / Shaligram Sukla: Siksa:s, Pra:tisa:khyas, and the Vedic Accent / Zeinab A. Taha: Semantic Valence in Tenth-Century Arabic Grammar. The Case of Ibn As-Sarraaj’s “Usuul Fil Nahw” / Index nominum