INFO Jankowsky (Ed.): 3-89323-274-5
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Introduction / Steve Seegmiller: Soviet Linguistics through a Western Prism: History and Ideology / Margaret Thomas: Concepts of the Nature of Second Language Learning from the Thirteenth and Twentieth Centuries / Kurt R. Jankowsky: American Structuralism and Its European Roots / Frank Robbins: The Scope of Research and Field Work of the Summer Institute of Linguistics / Andras Sandor: On the Interrelation of Word and Sentence in the Work of Frege, Bόhler, and Benveniste / Frits Stuurman: Dutch Contributions to *OED\1* / Kenneth L. Pike: Tagmemics in Retrospect – A Biased Personal View / Walter A. Cook: The Rise of Computational Linguistics / Thom Huebner: The History of Sociolinguistics in North America and the Contributions of Charles A. Ferguson / Hiroyuki Eto: On the Role of German Grammarians as a Bridge between Traditional and Scientific Grammar in 19th-Century England / Index nominum