INFO Formigari/Gambarara (Eds.): 3-89323-309-1
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Daniele Gambarara, Lia Formigari: Foreword // Jean-Claude Chevalier: Les études italiennes d’historiographie linguistique // Patrizia Laspia: Linguistic Pathologies in Ancient Greece. Aristotle on Aphasia // Mauro Serra: Language and Passions. From Gorgias to Plato // Francesca Piazza: A Brief Argument. The Enthymeme as a Model of Syllogism // Grazia Basile: The Ambiguity of Words. From Aristotle to Augustine // Maurizio Maione: Embodied Meanings versus Mental Images. Hume, Reid and the Theory of Meaning // Ilaria Tani: The Tree of Mind. Sensory Roots of Language in Herder // Pietro Perconti: In Praise of Eclecticism. Mind and Language in A. F. Bernhardi // Sara Fortuna: Physiognomical Foundations of Language. From Engel to Humboldt // Donata Chiricò: The Body of Words. Maine de Biran and Lordat on Language and Aphasia // Rosalia Cavalieri: A Motor Theory of Language. Bergson and Stricker // Resumés // Index of Names