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PART I: PROBLEMS AND PRESUPPOSITIONS -- 1. Kant and Language: "Kant’s Silence": A Defeat of Critical Philosophy / Transcendental Semantics / At the Threshold of Language / The Issues of Schematism -- 2. Mental Representation: From Kant to Reinhold: Form and Matter of Representation / Consciousness and Intentionality of Mental States
PART II: THE LINGUISTIC TRANSFORMATION OF KANTISM -- 3. G. M. Roth: A Champion of Kantian Orthodoxy: The ‘Dark Side’ of Linguistic Historiography / Philosophic and Linguistic Idealism / The Puzzle of Reference / The Three Modalities of the Mind / Theory of Meaning as Transcendental Deduction / Pure vs. Empirical Universal Grammar / 4. Beyond Kant – The Eclecticism of A. F. Bernhardi: Between Enlightenment Semiotics and Transcendental Philosophy / Internal and External Representation / Verbal Language as a Modality of External Representation / The Senses: Touch, Sight, Hearing, and Metaphor / Understanding and Imagination / Time as a Condition that Allows Us to Say Everything / The Theory of External Representation and Semiotics / The Communicative Pattern. Bernhardi between Fichte and Humboldt / External Representation and Expression / 5. Beyond Kant – K. L. Reinhold’s Linguistic Schematism: A Redundant Language Philosophy? / Improper Common Images / Language as exhibitio symbolica / Concluding Remarks / Bibliography / Index nominum