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Hans Bouwknegt

Beyond the Simulacrum.

2011, 40 Abb., 190 S., EUR 38,50 ISBN  978-3-89323-369-4
(Film und Medien in der Diskussion. 17.).

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Foreword (Jay David Bolter)


Prelude Approach Media as a hybrid Simulations and simulacra Semiotics as a hybrid

1. Baudrillard's Discourse:
Introduction General considerations Eco / Hjelmslev Baudrillard The laboratory model Dance Cubes Conclusion: The simulacrum as formal addition

2. Conceptual Semiotics:
Introduction The development of new media in relation to theory The development of theory (in relation to new media) Michel Foucault: The development of (discursive) knowledge Towards a conceptual semiotics Semiotics as a conceptual blueprint

3. Simulations: The Canvas of Codes:
Introduction The permanency of data The interaction of disciplines Modelling sign behavior Implications Further research: Lab for simulations and immersive media

4. The Creative Position:
Introduction Creative cases (Lost Link 1999; Lost Balloon 2001; Gangstars 2003; The Golden Gate (current)) Theoretical reflections

Conceptual semiotics as a mediator Conceptual semiotics in the practical field


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