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Lagerwerf, Luuk / Spooren, Wilbert / Degand, Liesbeth: Introduction (iii-ix) // Webber, Bonnie: A Lexicalized Approach to Low-Level Discourse (1-15) // Ravid, Dorit / Berman, Ruth: On Modelling Information Density in Narrative Texts (17-35) // Haenelt, Karin: Degrees of Text Understanding. Textually Closed and Open Uses of Linguistic Constructions and their Effect on Comprehensibility and Interpretation Variations of Texts (37-50) // Thomas, Kavita E.: Modelling Contrast across Speakers in Task-Oriented Dialogue. The Case of Denial of Expectation (51-60) // Polanyi, Livia / Zaenen, Annie: Shifting Attitudes (61-69) // Shen Sanshan: Stance in Sport Commentary. Evidence from Live Chinese Table (71-91) // McKenny, John: A Double Take on Writer's stance. Content Analysis of Dogmatism Compared with Corpus Analysis of Student Essays (93-103) // Pit, Mirna: Textual Indications of Subjectivity and their Relation with Causal Connectives (105-114) // Steen, Gerard: Conversationalization in Discourse. Stylistic Change in Editorials of The Times between 1950 and 2000 (115-124) // Gill, Alastair J. / Oberlander, Jon: Looking forward to more Extraversion with N-Grams (125-137) // McManamey, Rosa Maria: Framing Social Capital (139-149) // De Vreese, Claes H.: Framing. Theory and Typology (151-163) // Bashor, Harold W.: Content Analysis of Short, Structured Texts. The Need for Multifaceted Strategiers (165-178) // Foltz, Peter W.: Content Processing with Latent Semantic Analysis. Essays, Teams and Clinical Interviews (179-187) // Bestgen, Yves / Degand, Liesbeth / Spooren, Wilbert: On the Use of Automatic Techniques to Determine the Semantics of Connectives in Large Newspaper Corpora. An Explanatory Study (189-202) // Kleinnijenhuis, Jan: Automatic Retrieval of Semantic (Dis)Similarities? A Comparison of Latent Semantic Analysis with Weighted Metric Multidimensional Scaling on the Basis of a Simple Text (203-214) // Lassere, Barbara: Unpacking Metaphor in Texts on Design (215-228) // Prince, Bonnie L. / Synder, Conrad W. Jr.: Emergent Dialogic Processes. Using Children's Essays to Research Cultural Models and the Voices of Individual Children (229-240) // Cienki, Alan: The Metaphorical Use of Family Terms versus other Npuns in Political Rhetoric (241-251) // Grabski, Michael / Stede, Manfred: Bei. Intra-Clausal Discourse relations Illustrated with a German Preposition (253-266) // Le Draoulec, Anne / Péry-Woodley, Marie-Paule: Time travel in text. Temporal Framing in Narratives and Non-Narratives (267-275) // Deane, Paul: Cooccurence and Constructions (275-304)
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