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Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade: Two Hundred Years of Lindley Murray: An Introduction / Charles Monaghan: Lindley Murray, American / Frances Austin: Lindley Murray’s "Little code of elementary instruction" / Bernard Jones: The Reception of Lindley Murray’s English Grammar / Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade: Lindley Murray and the Concept of Plagiarism / Friederike Klippel: Murray’s Grammar and English Language Teaching in Germany in the Nineteenth Century / Jan Noordegraaf: Murray’s Dutch Mirror: On Rewriting the English Grammar / Kayoko Fuami: Lindley Murray and the Introduction of English into Japan / N. E. Osselton: Lindley Murray and English Spelling / Lynda C. Mugglestone: "A Subject so Curious and Useful": Lindley Murray and Pronunciation / Emma Vorlat: Lindley Murray’s Prescriptive Canon / Trinidad Guzmán: The Grammatical Category of Gender in Murray’s English Grammar / Xavier Dekeyser: Concord of Number in Lindley Murray’s Grammar: The Dialectics Between Prescription and Usage / Katie Wales: "With Apologies to Lindley Murray": The Narrative Method of the "Eumaeus" Episode in Ulysses / Bernard Barr: Towards a Bibliography of Lindley Murray / Index nominum