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Introduction / Vivien Law: R. H. Robins: The Historian and His Work / Vivien Law: The Writings of R. H. Robins. A Bibliography / Anders Ahlqvist: ‘Gender’ in Early Grammar / Anneli Luhtala: "Priscian’s Definitions are Obscure". Carolingian Commentators in the Institutiones grammaticae / G. L. Bursill-Hall: More Notes on the Grammatical Theory of Boethius of Dacia. The partes orationis / Vivian Salmon: Tradition and Innovation in the Writings of Charles Butler (c. 1561-1647) / Joseph L. Subbiondo: Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis and John Wilkins’ Essay. Educational Reform and Philosophical Language in 17th-Century England / Jana Prívratská: The Pedagogical Aspects of Comenius’ Language Theory / Klaus D. Dutz: Leibniz and the Linguists. The Feinhals Case and some other Methodological Constraints / John L. Flood: Gottsched, Adelung, and Contemporary German Printer’s Manuals / Jan Noordegraaf: Dutch Philologists and General Linguistic Theory. Anglo-Dutch Relations in the Eighteenth Century / David Cram: William Shaw’s Analysis of the Galic Language (1778). Text and Context / Werner Hüllen: Some Yardsticks of Language Evaluation 1600-1800 (English and German) / Andrew Robert Linn: Rasmus Rask and English / Paul Salmon: Max Müller and the Origin of Language / Brigitte Nerlich: Anthropology, Egyptology, and Linguistics. Malinowski and Gardiner on the Functions of Language / E. M. Uhlenbeck: The Concepts of Process, Category, and Productivity in Morphology / Index nominum