INFO Linn/McLelland (eds): 3-89323-460-8
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Andrew R. Linn, Nicola McLelland: Introduction // Werner Hüllen: On the Method of Linguistic Historiography. A Treatise // Andrew R. Linn: Research Ethics in Book-Based, Historical Research // Christos Nifadopoulos: Desperately Seeking Trypho // Anders Ahlqvist: Irish Terms for 'Gender' // Michael A. Covington: Scientia Sermocinalis. Grammar in Medieval Classifications of the Sciences // Anneli Luhtala: 'Unity' of the Liberal Arts in the Early Middle Ages // W. Keith Percival: Remarks on Sentential Analysis in the Middle Ages and Renaissance // Irène Rosier-Catach: The Glosulae in Priscianum and Its Tradition // L. G. Kelly: Adverbs, Definitions and Reality // John E. Joseph: The Tongues of Men and of Angels. Knowledge, Inner Speech and Diglossia in Medieval Linguistic Thought // Nana V. Kiladze: Comparative Analysis of the Medieval Arabic and Georgian Professional Languages // David Cram: John Marbeck's Concordance to the English Bible (1550) // Nicola McLelland: German as a Second Language for Adults in 17th Century Germany? Jacob Brücker's Deutsche Grammatic (1620) // Wendy Ayres-Bennett: Linguistic Terminology in Seventeenth-Century Observations and Remarks on the French Language // Richard Steadman-Jones: Questions of Genre in Seventeenth-Century Descriptions of Native American Languages // Christopher Stray: Edward Adolf Sonnenschein and the Politics of Linguistic Authority in England 1880-1930 // Index nominum

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