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Introduction: Statement of Aims and Method / Some Grammemic Functions of gwneud in Literary Modern Welsh – Verb-clause and verb-clause-constituent constituent focussing – Gwneud an analytical factitive/causative verb-form (our construction III) – Gwneud pro-verb – Appendix: Déanamh-periphrasis in literary Modern Irish: some classified examples / Modern Welsh un: A Structural Sketch of Syntax – Pro-form un – Non-pro-form un – Non-grammemic un – Grammemic yr un- not pro-form, not definite quantifier – Appendix: Modern Irish aon, Middle Welsh un, Modern Welsh un: some contrastive gleanings / Nominal Predication in Literary Modern Welsh: A Typology of ‘Nominal Sentence’ Patterns – Theoretical Prolegomena – The delocutive patterns – The copular pattern: #Theme – Copula – Rheme# – The interlocutive pattern: #Rheme – interlocutive Theme# – The binominal pattern set – Deictic-existential presentative statement: #dyna/dyma (presenter) – (pro-)noun (presentate)# – Appendix I: Nominal Sentences and yn-rhemes – some observations – Appendix II: The Modern Irish Nominal Sentence and Cleft Sentence (Contrastive notes corpus-based commented typology; Corpus-based commented typology; Documentation) / A Defining Glossary of Special Terms / Bibliographical References / Selective Index of Subjects, Concepts and Elements Discussed

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