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Acknowledgements / Abbreviations / Translations / Orthography, Grammar and Nomenclature
1. INTRODUCTION: Approach (Frame of Reference; Towards a Change in Approach; Some Constructs, Concepts and Terminology) / Stages of Research / General Aims
2. THE Ó LONGÁIN SCRIBAL FAMILY: Limerick and Carraig na bhFear / Mícheál mac Peattair Ó Longáin (Seachrán Síoraí; Carraig na bhFear) / Mícheál Óg Ó Longáin (The Revolutionary: 1797-99; Poor Circumstances 1800-02; Northeast Kerry and West Limerick: 1802-07; Cork: 1807-09; Gleann Maghair and Carraig na bhFear: 1809-15; Cork: 1815-20; Patron-Centred Performance; Na Cloichíní (Clogheen): 1820-21; Carraig na bhFear: 1822-37; Antiquarians and other Acquaintances; A favourite of ye Muses) / Peattair Ó Longáin (Manuscript Work; The Poet) / Pól Ó Longáin (On his way to Dublin; Manuscript Work) / Seosamh Ó Longáin (A man in very humble circums[tances]; The most distinguished of Irish Scribes)
3. MATERIAL CONTAINED IN THE Ó LONGÁIN MANUSCRIPTS: Historical (Chronicum Scotorum; Annals of Munster Interest; Caithréim Thoirdhealbhaigh; Foras Feasa ar Éirinn) / Prose Tales / Proverbs – An Seanduine / Hagiographical / Verse / Duanairí – Anthologies and their Titles / Medical (Materia Medica; Further Medical Material; Folk Medicine) / Grammatical and Related Matters / Sources (Leabhar Mhic Cárthaigh Riabhaigh; Manuscript MG 1; Leabhar Bhaile an Mhóta and An Leabhar Breac) / Some Additional Considerations
4. SCRIPT AND PRINT: INTERACTIONS AND RECIPROCAL INFLUENCES: Cultural Aspirations and Intellectual Changes / The Rôle of the Gaelic Scribe / Contacts / Manuscript Material (Early Printed Books in Irish and their Transmission; Translations from Printed Sources) / The Script-Print Dialectic / In Sum
5. CONCLUSION: Approach in Retrospect / Material in Retrospect / Some Specific Findings (Persona and Causa Scribendi; Locus; Readership) / In Sum
Appendix: Manuscript Reproductions; Maps / Bibliography / Index nominum & rerum

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