INFO Keller/Schlüter (eds): 978-3-89323-622-0
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Wolfram R. Keller, Dagmar Schlüter (eds)
"A fantastic and abstruse Latinity?"
Hiberno-Continental Cultural and Literary Interactions in the Middle Ages

September 2017, 15 Abb., 220 S., EUR 43,00• ISBN • 978-3-89323-622-0
(Studien und Texte zur Keltologie. 12.).

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Wolfram Keller, Dagmar Schlüter: Introduction (pp. 7-11) //
Klaus Oschema: An Irish Making of Europe (Early and High Middle Ages) (pp. 12-30) //
Dagmar Ó Riain-Raedel: St Kilian and the Irish Network in Early Carolingian Europe (pp. 31-53) //
Xenia Stolzenburg: The Holy Place as Formula: Floor Plans in Adomnán's De Locis Sanctis to Specify the Description of Pilgrimage Sites in the Holy Land (pp. 54-85) //
Dagmar Schlüter: Peripheral or Europeanized? Remarks about Continental and External Influences on the Book of Leinster (pp. 86-101) //
Elizabeth Boyle: The Twelfth-Century English Transmission of a Poem on the Threefold Division of the Mind, Attributed to Patrick of Dublin (d. 1084) (pp. 102-116) //
Maximilian Benz, Julia Weitbrecht: Afterworld Spaces in Medieval Visionary Texts of Irish Provenance (pp. 117-140) //
Diarmuid Ó Riain: The Schottenklöster and the Legacy of the Irish sancti peregrini (pp. 141-164) //
Thomas Poser: Peregrinatio and Transculturalism in the Regensburger Schottenlegende (pp. 165-182) //
Nathanael Busch, Patrick Lange: "von Îbern und von Îrlant": Ireland in Middle High German Literature (pp. 183-204) //
Erich Poppe: Cultural Transfer and Textual Migration: Sir Bevis Comes to Ireland (pp. 205-220) //

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