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Axel Harlos, Neele Harlos (eds)
Adapting Texts and Styles in a Celtic Context.
Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Processes of Literary Transfer in the Middle Ages.
Studies in Honour of Erich Poppe

Juli 2016, 10 Abb., xiv, 344 S., EUR 55,25• ISBN • 978-3-89323-623-7
(Studien und Texte zur Keltologie. 13.).

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Axel Harlos, Neele Harlos: Preface (pp. ix-xiv) //

Erich Poppe: The Epic Styles of In Cath Catharda: imitatio, amplificatio, and aemulatio (pp. 1-20) //
Peter Smith: Eochaid Úa Flainn's Éitset Áes Ecna Aíbind and Medieval Irish Poetics (pp. 21-52) //
Patrick Sims-Williams: The Welsh Versions of Geoffrey of Monmouth's 'History of the Kings of Britain' (pp. 53-74) //
Michael Clarke: International Influences on the Later Medieval Development of Togail Troí (pp. 75-102) //
Uáitéar Mac Gearailt: Issues in the Transmission of Middle and Early Modern Irish Translation Prose. Togail Troí and Scéla Alaxandair (pp. 103-134) //
Caoimhín Breatnach: The Transmission of a Medieval Irish Text on the Marvels of the Birth of the Saviour and Related Texts (pp. 135-153) //
Ceridwen Lloyd-Morgan: Blending and Rebottling Old Wines. The Birth and Burial of Arthur in Middle Welsh (pp. 155-175) //
Christina Fischer: The Significance of Cynon's Story-within-a-Story for the Narrator's Presence in Chwedyl Iarlles y Ffynnawn (pp. 177-183) //
Claudia Zimmermann: Between me and God! Interjections in the Middle Welsh Ystoryaeu Seint Greal - 'Stories of the Holy Grail' and their French Source Texts (pp. 185-194) //
Alderik H. Blom: Function and Transmission of Latin and Irish Glosses. The Psalter of St Caimín (pp. 195-214) //
Elisabeth Rieken: Horizontal and Vertical Translation in Hittite Cuneiform Script Texts (pp. 215-228) //
Paul Widmer: Adapting Verse and Language in Middle Breton Metrical Texts (pp. 229-236) //
Sonja Schnabel: The Two Faces of Saint Barbara (pp. 237-243) //
Brent Miles: The Rewriting of Hiberno-Latin Instruction to Kings in Later Medieval Ireland: The Sermo ad Reges and 'The Royal Teaching of Solomon' (pp. 245-263) //
Máire Ní Mhaonaigh: Caraid tairisi - Literary Links between Ireland and England in the Eleventh Century (pp. 265-288) //
Aisling Byrne: Cultural Intersections in Trinity College Dublin MS 1298 (pp. 289-304) //
Ralph O'Connor: Fabulous Content, Historical Purpose and Scribal Strategy in Irish and Icelandic Saga Narrative. Some Comparative Perspectives on the Colophon to the Book of Leinster Táin (pp. 305-330) //
A Bibliography of Erich Poppe's Publications

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