INFO Poppe/Stüber/Widmer (eds): 978-3-89323-624-4
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Erich Poppe, Karin Stüber, Paul Widmer (eds)
Referential Properties and Their Impact on the Syntax of Insular Celtic Languages.

März 2017, 242 S., EUR 43,00• ISBN • 978-3-89323-624-4
(Studien und Texte zur Keltologie. 14.).

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Erich Poppe, Karin Stüber, Paul Widmer: Preface (pp. 7) //
Aaron Griffith: Preliminaries to the syntax of the Welsh reduplicated pronouns (pp. 9-35) //
Axel Harlos: The influence of animacy and accessibility on Middle Welsh positive declarative main clauses. Evidence from historiographical texts (pp. 37-67) //
Mícheál Hoyne: Why resumption? Resumptive pronouns in prepositional relative clauses (pp. 69-100) //
Britta Irslinger: Detransitive strategies in Middle Welsh. The preverbal marker ym- (pp. 101-143) //
Marieke Meelen: Object-initial word order in Middle Welsh narrative prose (pp. 145-178) //
Erich Poppe: How to resolve under-determination in Middle Welsh verbal-noun phrases (pp. 179-200) //
Karin Stüber: Subjects of non-finite adverbial clauses in the Old Irish biblical glosses (pp. 201-216) //
Paul Widmer: Cases, paradigms, affixes and indexes. Selecting grammatical relations in Middle Breton (pp. 217-242)

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