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Ton J. BroosIntroduction
— Art History: Shelley Karen Perlove: Identity and Exile in Seventeenth-Century Amsterdam: A Portrait of Menasseh ben Israel by Salom Italia // Cécile A. Tainturier: A Crossroad of Pedagogical Endeavors: The Drawing Method of Crispijn van de Passe // Craig Eliason: Theo van Doesburg, Italian Futurist?
— History: Dick E. H. de Boer: Lotteries and Lottery Rhymes as Elements of Popular Culture in the Low Countries 1440-1640 // Claire Dejaeger: The Belgium Connection: Maps, Atlases, Engravings from Belgium in the National Library of Canada and the National Archives of Canada Collections // Mark Meuwese: Powerless yet Resourceful: Brazilian Indians as Political Refugees in the Dutch Republic, 1654-1657 // Hubert P. van Tuyll: The Battle for the Border: Versailles, 1919
— Literature in Africa : Luc Renders: Afrikaans Literature in the Rainbow Nation // Eep Francken, Olf Praamstra: Towards an Anthology of South African Dutch Literature
— Literature in the Low Countries : Alexander Zweers: Two Innovators of the Theater: Anton Chekhov and Herman Heijermans // Kris Steyaert: Willem Kloos and Percy Bysshe Shelley: The Rationale behind a Posthumous Friendship // Jacqueline Bel: Racist or Anti-Colonial? A Comparison of The Hidden Force by Louis Couperus and Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad // Hugo Bousset: The Tenth Story: On Stefan Hertmans and Julia Kristeva
— Anne Frank : Gerrold van der Stroom: Anne Frank's Favorite Quotes Notebook // Laureen Nussbaum: Anne Frank and Gehard Durlacher Two German-Dutch Writers: Parallels and Contrasts
— Translating and Teaching Literature : Hester Velmans: Translation, or the Forger's Art // Ton van Kalmthout: The Most Universal, Beautiful and Enthralling: The Teaching of Comparative Literature in the Netherlands, ca. 1880-1940
— Social Sciences: Joan Doughty: Between Black and White is Gray
— Index nominum

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