INFO Stede/Chiarcos/Grabski/Lagerwerf (Eds.): 3-89323-749-6 — MAD 2005
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Kristina Jokinen: "New Information and Topic in Dialogue Systems (abstract)" [3] // Thomas Noll: "Salience and Musical Discourse (abstract)" [5-6] // Jon Oberlander: "Salience and Reasoning in Symbolic Communication (abstract)" [7] // Birgitta Bexten: "Salience in Hypertext: How Multiple Preferred Centers contribute to Coherence in a Multi-linear Discourse Environment" [9-16] // Christian Chiarcos: "Mental Salience and Grammatical Form: Generating Referring Expressions" [17-26] // Dan Cristea: "The Right Frontier Contraint Holds Unconditionally" [27-34] // Philippe De Brabanter: "Metalinguistic Anaphora and Salience" [35-42] // Liesbeth Degand, Anne-Cathrin Simon: "'My brother, he drives like crazy' - Contextual Salience, Linguistic Marking and Discourse Organization in Spoken Franch" [43-51] // Andrey Y. Filchenko: "Parenthetical Constructions in Eastern Kanthy: Discourse Salience vis-à-vis Referring Expressions (Passive and Ergative Constructions)" [53-61] // Rachel Giora, Ofer Fein: "Irony Processing: Expectation versus Salience-based Inferences" [63-70] // Roland Hinterhöltzl, Svetlana Petrova: "Rhetorical Relations and verb Placement in Early Germanic Languages: Evidence from the Old High German Tatian Translation (9th Century)" [71-78] // John Kelleher: "Visual Salience and the other One" [79-88] // Olga Krasavina: "Types of Third-person Pronouns and Salience Conditions" [89-98] // Rolf Kreyer: "The Use of Full-verb Inversion as a Salience Marking Device in Written Academic Discourse" [99-108] // Luuk Lagerwerf, Thamar Siebring: "Salience in Visual Context: Effects on Appreciation of Advertisements" [109-118] // Wiebke Ramm, Cathrine Fabricius-Hansen: "Coordination and Discourse-structural Salience from a Cross-linguistic Perspective" [119-128] // Hannes Rieser: "Pointing and Grasping in Concert - with an Encore on Salience" [129-138] // Ralph L. Rose: "Joint Information Value of Syntactic and Semantic Prominence for Subsequent Pronominal Reference" [139-148] // Daniel Rothschild: "Accomodating Salience and Familiarity in Definite Descriptions" [149-153]

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