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Announcing a New Series // Preface // Introduction // Jessica Durlacher: The Right Words: Reflections on Holocaust Writings by Survivors and Victims. A Daughter Speaks Out // Wiljan van den Akker, Gillis Dorleijn: Rise and Decline of Modern Dutch Literature: A Formidable Paradox // Geert Buelens: Peace through War and Revolution: Socialism, Nationalism, and Internationalism in Flemish, Dutch, and French Literature of the Great War // Jane Fenoulhet: The Power of Narrative: Gendered Narratology and Anna Blaman's Op leven en dood // Lotte Jensen: Between Text and Context: An Interpretation of Three Patriotic Plays by Anna P. Muller-Westerman // Inez Hollander: Between Memory and Myth: Thematic Connections Between the Novels of the American South and the Dutch East Indies // Mary G. Kemperink: Technology and Fin-de-siècle Dutch Literature, 1890-1910 // Marleen de Vries: Why Eighteenth-Century Dutch Literature is so Rebellious: About Canons and Politics // Reinier Salverda: "For Justice And Humanity". Multatuli and Pramoedya Ananta Toer: Dutch-Indonesian Literary, Historical, and Political Connections // Louise Viljoen: Three Travelers in Insulinde: A Comparative Reading of Travel Books by C. Louis Leipoldt, Aletta Jacobs, and Emiel Hullebroeck // Rolf Wolfswinkel: Gerhard Durlacher: The Pain of Memory – The Agony of Forgetting // An van Dienderen: Collectivity on Screen: Multiliteracy in a Community Project in Brussels

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